Fuchsia Homecare

Always Caring. Always Here.

Each Person is an individual and therefore we take the time to learn each persons' needs and requirements. To create a person-centred plan of care we will visit you at home or in the hospital to talk to you about this and to tell you about our company. We can also talk to you initially by telephone if you prefer. Completing an assessment of your requirements and environment aids us to provide an holistic service that you are comfortable with.

The next stage is to create a plan of care that you are happy with and know that all your needs have been catered for, knowing that this is flexible and can be altered as your needs develop and change.

We have listed our services here but if you don't see something that 'fits', please still contact us as it may be something that we can still provide for you . 

Suport with daily living tasks 

Assistance with normal day to day tasks can make a huge difference and prolong independence . Our Care Support Workers offer a varying degree of assistance depending on the needs of the customer.

                                  We always support independence and Not go in to 'Do' but to Assist 

- Day and/or night visits offering care and practical help 

- Assistance with morning/night routines 

- Medication and bathroom visits 

- Escort to hospital /appointment visits

- Companionship visits and assistance to Social calls 

- Housekeeping services including  -cleaning, meal preparation, laundry, shopping, household chores.

- Live-in Care

- Wake nights and Sleep nights

Short Term Support 

Often a few weeks or months of care and support can make all the difference to a persons' long term health particularly if recovering from an accident, illness or operation . We provide care and support from as little as half an hour a day all the way to Live-In care 

- Short-Term Respite Care and Support 

- Support for a main Carer (relative) who may need a short break away 

More Complex Care 

All of our Care Support Workers are highly trained and can assist our customers with more serious medical conditions or those living with all forms of Dementia.

 We do understand the wish of many of people to remain at home, in an environment that they are comfortable in and our teams work hard to support this and to make this possible.

- Live-In Care  with a range of care depending on your needs.

- Round the clock intensive care from a team of two care workers for someone with complex health issues.

- Palliative Care and Support for those facing terminal illnesses.

No matter what kind of care and support we are delivering, our customers should feel they are receiving a service that is under pinned by dignity and respect, confidentiality and compassion at the highest possible level.