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Which means that you can pay for the services yourself or through a personal budget allocated by social services.


We cannot offer financial advice but we may be able to give advice on where to go to seek assistance, for example, an advocate or a Social Worker. 


Clinical Commissioning Group

In the event that you have an on-going illness that requires medical intervention, either a long term or short term, the CCG may fund your care requirements.


A nurse assessor will visit you either in a hospital or at your home to fulfil an assessment of your care requirements.


This is then put to a panel who will either consent/not consent to the funding. If consent is given all equipment and care is provided for you by us and the district nurse involved.

Social Services 

A Social Worker will visit your home to assess your needs and if appropriate arrange your care. This may mean that you will receive financial assistance to help with the cost of your care. This might be in different forms, for instance, you may be given a personal budget so you can purchase the care you require yourself. This puts you in the driving seat and enables you to 'shop around' for a Company that would suit your needs best. They may also just purchase the care for you if they fund it on a spot purchase contract. See below for more details.​

Managed Services

The local authority will organise and pay for your services on your behalf. Social Services will have prepared a Support Plan following your assessment.


This plan will set out what services you will receive, how and when these are to be delivered. You should agree to this plan before services are put in place.


The Support Plan will be passed to the provider who will deliver your services.


The provider will be one of a number of providers who have been approved to deliver services in your area.

Direct Payments

Direct Payments will also give you greater choice over decisions about who cares for you and how your money is spent. If you take a Direct Payment you will receive the money that Social Services would have spent managing your service.


You manage this money yourself however you must account for the money you spend and evidence to Social Services that you are using the money to meet your eligible care needs. If you take a Direct Payment you can choose who you want to be your care worker and employ them directly yourself. Or you can choose to do something else with your money such as take part in a local arts group, as long as it meets your care needs.


With a Direct Payment, you do have to manage and account for your own finances. If you choose to employ your own Care Worker you will become an employer and certain rules and laws will apply. However you can get support from your local direct payments support service – your local authority will be able to provide details. You should also be aware that certain criteria need to be met to qualify for Direct Payments.


Your local authority Social Services Office should be able to help and advise you further.

If you have any questions or would like more information, our advisors will be happy to help.


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